Moving Clock Screensaver

Moving Clock Screensaver

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Are you one of those people who need to know the correct time at all moments? Would you like to have a nice clock on your screen, but you don't like the usual screensaver with fancy graphics where the clock is not very visible?

Moving Clock Screensaver will put a colorful clock on your screen.

This screensaver will not amaze you with special effects. Nor will it fill your senses with beauty. It's not fantasy, it's not nature. This screensaver is just what its name says: a moving clock.

It is a round clock formed by lights of the same color. It sits on your screen until suddenly it moves and goes off the edge of the screen. At the same time, another clock of different color, appears. And another one, and the next one.

You will be able to see several clocks at the same time, but there will always be a bigger one that predominates.

If you want a screesaver to give you the time, Moving Clock Screen Saver is excellent for you. It just does that, gives you the time, but at least it has pretty colors.

Fernando Soni
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  • Pretty colors


  • It just gives you the time, nothing else
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